Mice and Rats Rights

Respect for the Animals

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Just posting this to make something clear for anyone who owns or is considering owning a rat: This noise you are hearing is not healthy. Some people assume it’s a cute grunty noise that some rats make, but it’s actually a breathing problem and it can get very bad if it’s not looked in to

Right now, Ichabod is suffering from this, I recorded to show how bad it is but this is actually fairly tame compared to how it was earlier. He was having a hard time breathing. Whenever I hear him making loud grunts and sneezes I immediately take him out of his cage and hold him until he starts feeling better.

He’s not grunting right now thankfully but I don’t know what to do since I recently payed a lot for Ivan’s vet visit for his cyst.

The problem is that Ivan’s cyst isn’t going away, in fact it seems to be growing so I might have to pay for even more anti-biotics or worse an operation.


So yes, please be aware of rat health. They can very easily get breathing problems, sometimes it’s genetic in fact.

Ichabod is especially fragile because he’s a runt, he’s actually fully grown but much smaller than his cage mates.

right, your rat should only squeak of they are doing something, like if they are fighting over food, being picked up by strangers, or over groomed. rats do NOT make little grunts squeaky wheezy noises.