Mice and Rats Rights

Respect for the Animals

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Mike Brown — young teenager that did typical teenage things, still had time to “get his act together”: “kid was obviously a menace and deserved to die”

Joan Rivers — as old as home air conditioning, made fame & living by saying nasty shit about strangers: “she will be missed. don’t drag her name through the mud that’s insensitive”


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this other one from you?

also if you cared about animals you would understand that using someone elses body for your own personal gain no matter how they are treated is disgusting and wrong

Yeah, what happens to the baby animals that you steal milk from and the chickens when they don’t lay eggs anymore and the hen’s brothers who are useless (hint THEY ALL ARE KILLED). Also do you only eat eggs and dairy from “your own” animals or do you buy food that contains eggs and dairy? Because that is all factory farming pal, not that it matters cause use is abuse but you can’t even hide behind the claim you are “ethically” using animals on the first level.
Not only has the point been proven by your own belligerent responses but its obvious you don’t have the mental cognition to realize vegans are smart enough to call you out on your lies using the most basic of common sense.

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the-alliegator asked: I couldn't, I work at a dog rescue and work out in the runs watching the dogs and making sure no one fights. Someone needs to be out there at all times

so you were worried a fight would break out in the five minutes you would have been gone?